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  • poopy mobile is on the road... i am interested in hydras for the dracos if ya want... and the gl wheels will b on the silver streak
    I understand you have an outstanding sales transaction. Please take care of it.
    Yeah sorry, I'm around. And they are still for sale. All for 200, just want them gone. 2 people have said they were buying then bailed.
    I can ask him. If not, and if you're on the cape try talking to the tech school in Harwich (I went there for auto tech) they charge $40 to do an alignment and they do a good job.
    Thanks for the offer but I am probably going to see a friend of mine who works at the Volvo dealer near me. He's going to do it for the employee labor rate- I need an alignment too which he's gonna do for free. Plus, I can drop the car off on the way to work and get a loner car for the day. Again, thank you very much though. :)
    Gotta get some money before anything I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment now so I can barley afford gas at the moment :) Plus, I gotta replace my struts, A/C compressor, and condenser before I even consider modifying the car.. My compressor is about to seize up and the struts are so bad the front of the car is sitting lower than the rear... So once I get all that stuff done then I can modify it (cant wait! I wana have a nicer looking pair of headlights on the car)
    My landlord won't even let me wash my car in the driveway lol. I really don't have many days off as I just moved and haven't had a day off on about a month. Ha ha ha. But i'll be in contact when I get a day off. Do you know how to install e- code headlights?
    Do you know of any places I can get some mod work done on my 960 either on cape or up around marlborough?
    I actually ran into kyle at the IKEA of PA meet. He does not have any Volvos anymore. He now drives a Ford Edge. :-/
    Hmm. Might have to sell another thing or two from the red car, but could you hold on to 'em for me?
    So how much you want for those 850 turbo injectors?

    After finding out my red-tops from a Ford 3.8 supercoupe are smaller than I had anticipated...I might just be interested.
    hey andy... u wanna get together this weekend cuz i owe u a coffee for the p/s pump.... i just ordered a large tach... 3 gauge bezel, oil pressure 5 bar gauge, battery voltage gauge and i thin something else. wut have u been up to?
    its going great right now. there is a new kid working there so they moved me into the main shop. and all the guys are planning on taking me out for the big 21
    Unfortunately, Kyle left the company a few months ago. I guess he does not come on anymore now that he is not part of FCP.
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