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  • Hi there
    I'm after photos and instructions on your kaplhenke coil overs as I've just installed mine and I think I'm missing something.
    Brought them second hand and Ben won't help with support or parts list so I can check if I'm missing something
    Please hope you can help
    Hi Peter we meet at Fays in Carlisle I gave you my email gcpme@hughes.net you were going to send info on M 90 trans swap and where you sourced it.
    Hi there, I'm new to turbobricks and was reading a post you had written. Just a quick question you wrote; "a decent muffler (such as the Dynomax Ultraflo) and a decent wake up of the air intake system (high flow cold air intake-would have to be custom) will yield maybe 5-10 HP. Get her all tuned up and timed well with good spark plugs and you can freshen up a B6304 to at least a decent 250 HP VERY easily."

    Now, my car. I've got a 1994 960. My exhaust is shot at the moment. How hard is it to match up this Dynomax muffler to the car and is that replacing the first or second muffler and is it a ricey sound or is it decent sounding? Also, any tips on a cold air intake (can i still use the MAF sensor w/o any issue?) I'm thinking about changing over to a K&N drop in filter, think that'll help out with anything? As far as the plugs are concerned I am using the stock Volvo plugs, what should I change to? I'm tired of civics smoking me!
    Please PM me with response.

    Thanks! -Matt
    i cant add you for some reason add me. It Nick Hageman and there is a black 240 volvo on the picture
    Hey man, this is Marc (the guy with the blue 960 you saw up at Widener). Thanks for the compliment! I'd love to get a closer look at your car sometime soon too. I was actually up at Widener visiting my girlfriend who lives in the dorm I was parked in front of (can't remember the name off hand). Anyway, thanks again for the message and I've been pretty busy so sorry for the delayed response. I'll make sure to message you when I'm headed back up to see her again. Take care man!

    - Marc
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