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  • well, pm me the vin number, and I will go to the tag office sometime with dad and get him to get another one, it's going to cost like $50-60 to get one and 30days.. I am sure it's still in my dad's name.. he will cover the $50-60 but you'll have to reimburse him with a USPS money order.. is that alright?
    thats kool i kant wait for snow we are havin meet down in the bronx see how that works out if you can try to take a ride down i posted it in the events area
    i joined already lol but Mrvolvo75 was saying that prob ina a few week a trip to pick n pull in auburn was gunna happin, but w.e happins im def comin upp
    Dont know, Its getting damn cold up here right now. I think last weekend was the last of the good weather for the year. Glad i got to autox on sunday even though i blew out an exhause manni gaskit. I just joined the Tri-State Area Brickers group and asked if anyone wanted to meet. You should join too.
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