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  • Yeah, it's kind of an ugly color but it grows on you. I mean, it's fitting of the car. Anything flashier would ruin the stealth of 350HP. ;-)
    Do it! It looks sweet...my buddy is going to buy my other 7 and paint the whole car purple and do the wheels black...mine and future his car should look cool rolling together
    sigh. i just lost my job. just my luck.....so funds are tight, thanks for the help though man. Maybe shell still be for sale
    hey. yep! i check craigslist for volvos a few times a day. Ohhh. I must have missed that one (in Keene).

    I had a 740 that had a rust hole through one of the front fenders lol and a hole in the front frame. (vt rot special). My 245 is a little tender under there....not too bad....i was actually thinking the same thing.....POR it before the snow hits.

    That sounds good about your neighbor if he doesnt want to dealer to give him nothing for it il snap it right up! Il def come look at it

    cool. thanks man

    hey what up man. Nice 240. so I see you have a 745 as well. i live over in Antrim NH. I have a 245 (elle) and im hoping to snap up a 244 soon...its hard to find one that isnt rotting to the ground. lol.
    Thanks for the kind words! You'll have send me some pics when you get yours the way want it. I hate to see mine go, and even now I'm trying to justify keeping it. I can honestly say the 240 is one of the greatest cars of the of the last 30 years. I was hoping my brother would take it as his first car, unfortunately he's not interested in it. Like you said though, hopefully it ends up in the hands of someone who will catch the Volvo bug and form a lifelong love affair with these cars, like we have. :)
    hey mang, just saw you in the New Englans user group. Are you joining our caravan to Ikea on Saturday? Volvo940Tuner or w/e is having some tb'ers crash at his place in mass friday night, then they are meeting us CT guys at the Ikea in New Haven at 7:30.
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