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  • I would think a few hundred dollars for the exhaust. More if its stainless steel.

    Not sure on the chip. Maybe 700-1000 if I had to guess?
    Hey dude, so s40. It's sort of the red headed step child of Volvos. It's based off of a shared platform with Mitsubishi. They made the Mitsubishi carisma and Volvo made the s/v40.

    Bsr used to offer chipsets that bump up the hp to about 200. A 2.5" or 3" exhaust would be good. You'll need it custom made as your favorite exhaust shop but it should be straight forward. From what I remember the us cars only got 12t turbos. They're small and really cap out at about the 200hp mark. However 16t or 19t turbos are supposed to be bolt on upgrades.

    The suspension is shared with Mitsubishi so supposedly there are coil overs available. You'd gave to google a supplier that knows what's up.
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