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  • Hey there, just out of curiosity, did you buy that green 940 from Sean Callahan in Washington? A while ago he had a big bunch of stuff for sale and I wanted a few parts but he didn’t want to break it up. Wish I could pick up your car, looks awesome. Thanks Al.
    Thank you! I will see if i can get a wheel to get that started. It will bug me until it's gone.

    I suppose i can probably use that along the wheel arches after I remove the trim there also. This car is cleaner than I expected to find and now I want to see if I can make it shine!!
    I saw on your red wagon where you removed the black stickers on the door sills of your red wagon... How did you get them off? I have a super nice 245 I am working on and the stickers are shot. I love the look without them but am at a loss on how to proceed... Any help is appreciated!
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