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  • Great! Only.. Most of the forum has been complaining about the double sign in. Here is the scenario since we now have a comprehension problem between the two of us. So let me clarify , I Sign in the first time, breeze the forums, go to post a reply, and boom, another sign in, asking for user name and password (could be a minute after just signing in or ten minutes, time amount doesn't matter) and the reply i just typed, is lost due to sign in, then sign in doesn't redirect and just stops working. I know its not only me because Kenny complains about the double post as well- which is another part of the scenario- he says it several times in his doing 9's post . I have nothing to "get over" just asking a question. I would appreciate it if you would try not to be so condescending ,for someone who is supposed to be here to help with legitimate problems. Your doing a great job, I'm sure its tough babysitting all of us... Relax!!! Thanks for your time in this matter.
    I have no idea what you are talking about. Get over it dude get on with your life...
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