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Hank Scorpio
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  • I need your help to begin posting on "Turbobricks". I tried to follow the directions but am not getting it..............Thanks!
    I was looking to do a custom gauge set just like urs, but I cant figure out to to read the Volvo wire diagrams. thx for ur help
    you didn't have to lock the thread just because of one grumpy asshole.
    Hello Hank,

    I saw post where you talk about putting a 1.9T motor into a P1800. I'm very eager to do the same, the exact motor I'm talking about is the B4194T 200bhp motor from the old S40. I'm particularly interested in the details, what gearbox you used and what body mods are required?

    Thanks for your help.

    i am new and was wondering if you can answer my questions. i just got a 65 122 wagon did all of them come with power brake boosters? becasue mine is gone and i had seen on your yellow wagon that your shifter sits way further up, different trans? if you can point me in the right driection thank you
    I'm not sure how to send you an email with the Dyno sheet. How do you attach a picture here?


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