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  • Hi Harlard, you help me when i have broblem about the picture. can you help me again? There is some broblem again. Can see last picture only the code, not the pictures. And i have lot of new photos, but idont know how to put it here. ,
    that's it lol
    I like to copy the entire post to NotePad, do a CTRL+H to find and replace tags automatically
    i can upload and see new but can not see the url from those when click edit and then the picture.

    What or where I need to change the commands and size of the pic's while the url stays the same.
    pls advice

    Hello. I am building an engine pretty similar to yours. I?ve come to realize that I?m gonna have to do a stand alone ecm. I converted my car?s lh3.1 to lh2.4 and got chips, with little success. I would really appreciate some advice on getting started with microsquirt. If you?re willing to help me out, please get back to me. I?ll send you some pictures and parts list later.
    Bought 8 ecodes last 2 months, really weird that they seem to pop up every where
    Damn, I should have pulled over! I always carry a bunch of tools. Hopefully you got going eventually.
    i have question about mounting for example 850 vagon front and rear seats to my 940 estate?What should i know before i start?What modifications are needed?Thanks in advance ;)
    Haha yeah, that's where I work. It's usually parked out front in the same spot, that or my Xterra. I see all sorts of Volvo's, some pretty nice ones too driving down Cascades Parkway every day, wondered if any of them ever saw mine.
    Haha, it's actually the Garrett upgrade for the Evo X. It's actually conventional rotation - Evo VIII and IX were reverse rotation though. It is a twin scroll, internally wastegated GT/GTX30R, either 71 or 76mm, with two different turbine A/Rs to choose from. That's the one you should run on a redblock! :-D
    i just noticed your join date is one month before mine, and i'm trying not to let it piss me off.
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