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  • Hey man, how goes the 242? I'll be moving back to Ontario soon, I'd love to swing by and see how the beige disaster that was sitting in my driveway has transformed. And show off the new wagon!
    If you know Euromotion personally could you contact him or drop me his number. I need his phone number to ship his parts and he hasn't been online in almost two days. I know he needs these ASAP! I even tried emailing him to no avail. Halp meh brother!
    just give me a call (or text) when you get something figured out for the wideband GB. 416 456 6029. I can build some too if you like.

    Ah! Doh! Yeah, they do fit fine in my fuel rail, i've installed them before. Thanks anyways then man, and thanks for pointing out my fail, i would've been trying to fit washers around my bloody brown tops!
    Just read about the washer mod for the brown top injectors? Anybody ever do a writeup on this? I've got a set beside me, just haven't gotten around to installing them quite yet.
    hey man, upon closer inspection, the front assembly of that car and my car are different.
    That L-trim around the headlights is different than mine. My car is a '92. I know 90+ is a new clip, but did they change it again for 91's or 92's? Or is there a difference between a DL/GL/Turbo front end?
    hey, so i tried getting the grille on a few times again, and it still wouldnt go on. The weird thing is, the original grille pops on and off no problem. I measured it against the eggcrate, and my original is a little smaller. Idk whats up.
    P.s- I think its so funny how many 740's ive seen with broken drivers front turn signals. Mine was broken when I got it, then I got hit 2 months later and it was broken again. This is lucky #3 i hope... atleast, as far as I have had it.
    Hmm... alright. Maybe may frame is a little off because the cars been hit. I'll try to get it on again. The grille is great though, thanks.
    Oh yeah, I've never seen a box inverted like that before, I thought that was cool.
    hey if you need the BEST EVER VOLVO mechanic who works from his farm home inthe country, let me know. he is Maryland near Annapolis
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