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  • Oh no idea if there is a Canadian group or not.
    And I helped out Chess today. He's buying a car here and taking it to Ontario. It's a very nice 740tic
    So we need to make a 'Canadian Volvos with super rare european 17" wheels that kick your wheels' asses' club, I think... :-D
    And you need to post photos of yours on the car.
    Hi, the engine was cranked yesterday with the motronic 1.8. today i got the boris knocksenseMS in the mail, also 24v engine cover.

    The MSTronic is on its way from the UK, along with wbo2+++
    I needed a ride from the airport but you'll be in quebec...feel free to call me for translations lol
    have fun!!
    haha mijay killed your car.

    owned. Doesn't matter how drunk I might be, she is the last person that I'd let drive my car :lol:
    I really have a problem. Since I graduated, i've become an uber postwhore. I work like 30 hours a week but have nothing else to do. I finally got the last things I need to dive into the dash of the 242, so next week I'll hop on that train. Wish me luck :nod:
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