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  • I sold the car at the IPD 2014 show and unfortunately never found a good solution to the noise. My friend recommended using a 50/50 mixture of redline MTL and redline shockproof in the tranny. This may have helped a little bit but nothing too noticeable. I ended up doubling up the sound deadening mats under the carpet and around the shifter area. My car had 240 HP and never had a single problem shifting so I just tried to ignore the noise!
    Throw back question, did you ever sort out the noise with your Getrag? Just swapped one into mine and have similar rattling noise at idle with clutch out, but it only happens when fluid is warm, I'm not too worried as I've read about 10 different explanations for this noise(s) but am curios if you quieted yours down?
    i want the trans and the pedal box. can u check shipping to 32164. i need both to finish up 2 projects. let me know asap and if its doable, we can rock n roll quick...thanx.
    There should be some good threads out there but from the top of my head; 740t fuel ecu and ezk icu, powerstage/ignition module from 740t or 89+ 240, b230 intake/rail/injectors with cold side 740 piping, 85-88 240 na distributor with hall sensor. Then you need the wiring harness, I like to use one from an 88 or 89 740/760 turbo. You will have to read diagrams and figure out the extra junk you can remove from the harness because 740s incorporate a lot of the body accessories into the fuel and spark harnesses. PM me for more info.
    Cool. So the house on the hill is no more? That place was nice.
    Im frustrated with the LH 2.2 as I cant figure it out.
    It's going well. My moms 244 is doing great, still getting 25+ mpg with the m47 like usual. They actually moved to Bend so she won't be driving it much when the winter hits. I will definitely need to check out your VW when Kev gets it all wired up. If you guys need spare parts I have a lot in case he can't come up with something.
    Holts. Hows it going? Its Dean. Hows your moms loud 4 door? WP working well?

    You gotta look at my latest project. Search for volvagon.
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