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  • haha i thought u were in hastings. do u just want to post it up to me,and il send you my flywheel.
    hey man sorry to bother you. is that flywheel u have a motronic 1? i need a flywheel urgently ay. hpe to hear back from u soon.cheers
    Yeah, Dave sold it to me & it is a great car. I have only seen two others...never seen a PV544! :) Its in need of a repaint (silver did'nt last well!)
    Hey mate another Kiwi member here, i was looking at your old posts and i see that you acquired three cars that i was going to buy , the 145 and 164 from the S. African dude in Pakuranga and the Canadian 142 fron the South Island, how are those cars coming along? Your Pv looks gorgeous btw.
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