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  • Hello, I have an 83 volvo 244 with a b23f. I saw an old post of yours: I see there is a 1983.5? Is that only on the manual trans. I have the AW70. So my question is, would mine still have the 13MM rods and forged crank. If so I will only change the pistons and then turbo it. Please let me know so I do not have to tear to far into. Thank you very much.

    1983.5-84 B23F with M46 trans - 9.5:1
    1983-84 B23F with AW70 trans - 10.3:1
    1985+ B230F all trans - 9.8:1

    My car has a B23F+T and you can see the results. Lowering compression isn't necessary with proper fuel and spark management. I'll note that, at my power levels, neither of those precautions have been necessary, and my engine has been detonated thousands of times, still running smoothly.

    The rods in an 83.5 B23F are 13mm, or very thick. The crank is forged. The pistons are cast. The only thing you have to worry about destroying with 300hp is the pistons, since they're cast. Change those, and your bottom end is worth 400hp.
    If you need any parts for your V70, hit me up. I've got two parts cars that are slowly decaying in my garage. I'll hook a brotha up!
    Hi Guys this is John Amundsen, director of team Image, Media and Livery for Volvo Motorsport. Better known as the designer of the famed VMS wokrs 1986 livery, the much famed and loved Nordic Wat Stripes I enclose my article on the design, emaning, symbolism of the NWS Knowing your readers passion for the Volvo Motorpsort VMS Group A program and NWS i enlcose the full story.. Also be on the look out for my 220 page VMS website on the history of the VMS Group A program and the 1994-2000 Super Touring program with access to my holding of the ENTIRE 6400 photo and 4000 hours of broadcast tape vision my email is vikingwarrior1@hotmail.com

    Please email me and i will send the completed article to you.
    Hello. I Would be interested about starting to write, about increasing performance of doomachine, d24t. Dont seem to be much about it, and im currently starting to upgrade it to d24tic, fixing airbox, adding more feed etc, just everything around increasing performance.
    And with an low cost, no fat pocket required. I would be able to add first part of article "d24t-d24tic++" or something, about fixing airbox and so+ adding more feed and increasing feed to under-the-pressure part on the diesel pump. With alot of pictures.

    Regards, 760GLE d24t+m46 -85, from finland.

    If you have the time, we will be holding Top Gun in Lakeland May 6-10. This is the biggest International Radio Control Scale airplane contest in the world. There will be Jets (real ones) turbo props, and heavy metal fighters. If you can pull it off, you should come down.

    Hey, I just posted some pictures and a quick how-to on diassembling a 52mm VDO gauge. If you guys can edit that and mod it as you need, I'd appreciate it. I couldn't find pics of that process, so I figured I'd take them myself. Thanks.
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