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  • hey man, i was roommates with tj at uti, and i think he told me that you had an ezk spliced into an lh 2.2 harness? Any details? edit, just read through the build on your bosses car, i do have a few questions though, any help would be great!
    should be able to. Call Eric (parts) he would know better on that.
    A 2.4 that was hit hard in the front and is ready to be scrapped sounds about right. Is IVS mon-fri only? I'd like to come take a look; it's just a matter of finding some time. Hopefully schedules don't clash.
    I know I just pulled a aw70 from an 83 240 and thats sitting on the shelf, so thats available.. The b23 that was attached went to the scrap heap---325k pretty beat. There is also a b230 that was pulled and is still sitting in the yard. I do know we have a smashed 240 lh2.4 that was hit hard the front and some stuff has been stripped off the car but its getting close to being scrapped and there are one or two others You might want to swing by and take a look and we can talk to Daniel.
    Would prefer something of the b23/230 variety with a aw70 attached. Wrecked or rolling, stripped or complete, but dirt cheap would be the best (he has around $200 to spend, and I'm kinda doing the swap as charity work). So essentially something you guys would be ready to send to u pull it. I could care less about it having a title, if that helps.

    Thanks again.
    Are you looking for anything in particular? I will be pulling a B21 out of a 79 242 and the whole motor is going. Fuel system ect as I am dropping in a B230ft.

    There are a few choices some wrecked and some rolling, Let me know and I can find out.
    Hey Joe. I've been helping a friend out with his '78, and we need an engine/tranny. Independent have any rough 240s with engines that aren't blown? Ideally we would need a wrecked 240 for cheap. Doesn't have to be anything special, just looking to replace the cali spec b21 with low compression and his m45 with bad synchros. He wants an auto for some reason.
    Please let me know what you've got.
    Thanks in advance.
    I will keep an eye out. They are getting a bit on the tough side to find. We have a 93 classic with 120K (i think..perferct for a plus T) that got hit hard and is most likely totaled but we are still holding it. I will keep you in mind.
    I'm looking for a lower mileage b230ft in good shape, and was wondering if you'd be able to help me out, seeing as how you're pretty much in the know. I'd at least need a shortblock, but preferably the entire engine sans accessories. The wifey's '86 has had a hard 250k...
    Please let me know if you can get one.

    Good to hear your going through with it. Pin 6 is just that 12v switched, your looking for a fuse at the box that only has power when the ignition is on.
    This should be most of the fuse box. Hope that helps.
    Hey Joe,
    I guess I haven't updated you in a while.
    One of my cars is running 2.2 with chrysler crap, and I'd like to get rid of it this weekend. I can get everything I need for ezk117, and I've studied your diagram as well as both major threads on the conversion, but what does pin 6 of the ezk actually go to? You're listing it as 12 volts switched, but off of what? (splicing isn't a problem, as I now do this all day at work on police cars)

    If you're still looking for a nice M47, I just scrapped my 244 and have one. I'll trade you straight up for a good AW-71, or we can work out something else.

    BTW the local chapter of the VCOA is having a get together at Corleys on April 22 from 5-7. You might want to swing by and check it out I can show you the car and wiring ect.
    Think you can help me with EZK when I actually find the car I want?

    Sure. The hardest part was untangling the EZK harness from the main harness and actually figuring out where which wire goes where. The board wasn't much help but I created and posted a wiring diagram that makes it super easy to follow.

    When you find your donor car you need to make sure you grab the powerstage as they are expensive otherwise.

    Here is the post


    go to post 18 for the schematic.
    What boost do you think the M47 will reliably hold?

    Good question. I haven't found a quiet one to start with so I don't know. The general consensus seems to be that they are not the strongest trans out there. The M46 is supposed to be stronger iron vs aluminum case but supposedly you cant boost hard in 5th.

    In my case that wont work well since I have the auto rear diff and on the freeway it will boost hard from 45 on up to over 100.

    I would imagine it should hold 10-12 lbs but dumping the clutch and slamming gears will kill them.

    Does IVS shim cams? (rebuilt 530 head, going from a T cam to an IPD Turbo)

    A valve adjustment? Yes I think its about 1-1.5 hr but I will have to check.

    My IPD cam should be in tomorrow. I will hopefully have it in by monday.
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