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  • 3 questions:
    What boost do you think the M47 will reliably hold?
    Does IVS shim cams? (rebuilt 530 head, going from a T cam to an IPD Turbo)
    Think you can help me with EZK when I actually find the car I want?
    They let me self self serve but usually its not. its a smaller yard that is mostly VW.
    Discount auto on Broadway they have alot of Vws but have some Volvos
    Nice I will have to get down there maybe next weekend or take off early next week. This was the pick and pull or Discount?
    3x m47s. The one closest to the entrance (blue/silver 244) feels crappy though.
    The '93 940 was N/A and not a squirter block.
    Some dickwad went in and broke the R-sport gauge cluster in a '78 GT. It looks great, except for the smashed speedo/tach. I'm sure someone would have a use for it though. The car also still has the GT air dam but it is cracked.
    There is a 780 with 3 of the factory bertone wheels, very nice fenders, and one perfect e-code. I have a feeling the same dickwad broke the other one. It has a PRV motor.
    Only one of the turbo cars there is still mostly intact, and it's a K-jet.
    Thanks. they are supposed to be rare yet I seem to see them on alot of cars and they all feel better than mine by far. I would rebuild it but they are stupid expenseive to do.
    I'm going to the jy this thursday to see if the '93 940 there has a squirter block, so I'll look for an M47 while I'm there.
    I will keep a look out but Dave gets first shot on cars coming thru. I am looking for an M47 as a replacement if you come across one let me know.
    Same offer applies to you as to Jim, though I don't think I told you about it. :(
    You come across a lot of Volvos where you work, and I'm sure some of them for sale. I'm looking for an '86-93 245 with excellent paint/body. No roof rack. I'd prefer an M46/47. Running or not, but obviously a wagon in good running order would be a plus. Budget is 2500 or so.
    $150 sound fair as a finder's fee?
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