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  • Looking at adding an external wastegate to my 90+ manifold, I'm from battleground Washington so not far from you, was wondering if you could give me a couple tips on how you did it.
    Had the cobra V8 in her for sometime now..She's a junuwine sleeper for sure. Last week went thru the brakes. New master cylinder, pucks..you know. Routine maintenance. Trying the new three way spark plugs. Working in interior. She need new door panels for sure and rear quarter side panels. After thirty years of wear. There warped. Old girl needs some TLC. I'm thinking of duplicating the panels in Aluminum sheeting. Just finish in a Flat back or matching blue. Same with front door panels.
    The original seats have seen the day. Costs about $600.00 to re-upholster them both. For a hundred bucks more, I can get new ones. at the same time. While the seats are out. I can install heat barrier film under the new carpet kit. that big AOD Ford tranny puts out a lot of heat. Get's really warm in there. So a double dose of heat barrier film with help a lot.
    I'm taking the rack off the top. I'm going to make her a clone of the 86 turbo wagon. So whats up with you ?
    Jerd...good for you..I retired out Of McDonald Douglas awhile back. (EE) twenty five years with them. Yeah the Best got that upgrade a few years back. On her second long black now. 385 Horse With F/I. AOD Trans and Ford nine inch Pos Diff. Yeah she get up and rolls. Not much for smoke burn outs..but there again. she's all traction. Just had the fronr end worked on..Intalled adj. Coil-overs and drilled and Slotted roters . New bushings from DVS and sway bars. Admitted the beast need new paint.
    Hey Jerd..How the hell are you ? Ray from long Beach.Still kicking and running my sled..over...
    hey Jerd, Nice to hear form you bud. yes. Like to get that issues squared away. Tower brace and firewall braces. I know you have a paypay account. Lets get it done. While my ride is down. Need a new torque converter.
    Was out of twn again. Assigment.
    Thanks guy. I'll check this mail more Monday.
    I hope your on your honeymoon forever...

    Nothing from you in a couple months Jerd. Whats up?
    shoot me a pm when you get back on. if i remember correctly you said you were selling 2 more sets of your rear coilovers springs...i have no rear suspension for the 242 and your setup seems cheapest and best.
    Thanks I just saw that your old wheels are for sale I just sent a pm to the guy selling them
    Hey Jerd, just got done reading the post and love the car. Are you selling the steelies i was just looking at a set of 17" BMW steelies. If your interested in sell let me know I'm right here in Redding. Also I might have missed it in the post but what bolt pattern and offset are the steelies.
    i saw a picture of your car and are you running a blow off valve on the cold side of the intake? if so are you running lh 2.4? and how does it work i heard 2.4 likes to stall out with the BOV in between shifts? thanks
    Do you have any pics with your tial setup on your manifold? are you using a stock volvo oil cooler or a filter relocation kit? cause my only concern is interference with my oil cooling system
    Yo mayn, how you been? Hey listen, I was thinking about buying exhaust for my wifes mini for her for christmas. What do you think about making another?
    hey man where did you get all the parts for your coilovers? like the camber plates and springs and perches. thanks man
    Hey Jerd, WE cut the front springs 1.5 coils and now it feels a little bouncy. Did yo experience that when you guys cut yours ? We also installed new Sensatrak struts, so I'm stumped as to why it has the bounce. We didn't cut any bumpstops though. Any thoughts ?
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