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John V outside agitator

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  • Hi John,

    Can you please make me an offer for :

    -1 set of 4 Wiseco pistons for a 8V Turbo '94 Redblock
    -1 set of forged con rods (standard length)

    About pistons, is it possible to adapt the dish volume to my head volume (to avoid too high CR)?

    Are you giving all the measurements/size to re-hone correctly my engine (cylinder diameter, ring gap, torque for screws, etc.)?

    And last (for now), what can be the delay to receive it?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!

    Best regards, Alex.
    Hello John
    Do you have a source for a set of front sport springs for an Amazon? 1967 130. I'm looking to lower it about 2 to 2.5 inches. Thanks in advance.
    Jag fick tracking fir det f?rra fredag s? jag ?r n?stan s?kert det kommer idag! ?ntligen!
    Jag ringde dom 6-7 g?nger och fick ingen svar och helt pl?tslig kom email med tracking, ingen f?rklarning... Inte likt dom grabbar, ingen ide varf?r. Om det kommer idag det ska postas inom en timme fr?n n?r det kommer...
    Would like to know if you still have or are planning to fabricate more of your red block billet flywheels and their cost. I can call but am on east coast time. Thanks
    Those pistons u sad about total package with piston rings and rods?
    And what will it cost including shipping to the Netherlands
    Hi John, been meaning to contact you for some few yrs now. Met you in SoCal yrs back when we were SAABists. I was "Jim Saab" in Santa Monica. Seems like you were down around Huntington Beach? Anyway, I might have brought Saab tranny(s) to you. That would have been in 70's. I always had a bunch of Saab 95,96,and Sonetts. I'm in Oxnard, now. Still have too many Saab parts lying around.PM me if you like. Cheers, jim
    man I miss sleezattle. I have a '92 240 auto that is in need of speed. Can you send me a quick rundown of what you have for me?
    PLan on a little NOS setup and I think your kit may help but after reading (too much) on this thread, I am lost. How about a total parts list for me and what you can/do provide and what you do not? thanks, sorry if this is super-redundant for you...i have read and read but no total "parts list" made it to my feeble brain. thx, MBL in NC.
    Hi John,
    I am still interested in Volvo stuff. I have all the bits for a nice Penta based engine and have them all stached away in the workshop. We are going to live completely off grid and in an eco-village type setup so have been tucking the Volvo bits out of sight. Things are too expensive in the UK now but I shall be keeping my little Volvo project going as a nice 'back of the shed' project to roll out when my two small boys are older. I keep dipping in and out of TB every now and then. It is good to see the old things are more active in the US.... fuel prices are killing them here.
    All the best
    John V should respond to his PMs or call his buddy Josh and let him know where his clutch and flywheel is... Pretty please.
    Hi John,

    Can you send me some information about the super bitchin conrods and pistons you are selling. I want to build a 2.5L 16v turbo redblock. I allready have a AQ171c crankshaft and pistons and want stronger conrods. Either forged 158 mm conrods (and stock pistons) or 160 mm soooper bitchin conrods and JVAB/CP? pistons.

    I'd like to know how much hp they will handle, how much lighter they are than the 13mm conrods and pistons and i'd like to know how much they will cost.

    Greetings, Mark.
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