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  • I am very interested in this. I am in the Portland area but would be willing to drive up and get it. I am on vacation this week, but if you could hold it, or if it is still available when i get back, i would definitely buy it. Thanks.

    I noticed your profile. Are you building a "245 GT Turbo" wagon? If so, very cool. I had a 1978 242GT years ago, and I grew up as a kid with my mother driving a 1983 Turbo intercooled wagon (It was just badged as a 'turbo' if I remember correctly).
    I don't have MSN becuase I'm on Linux. I have a client supposedly capable of using the MSN service, but I can't seem to get that part of it to work.
    Cool. Do you happen to have MSN Messenger? I frequently chat with BradSU44 and with Steven Rosenow (IIRC, he goes by srosenow_98 on Signalfan's Club). Sometimes even chat with LB Bryce (metro118) and Jonathan (Texas_Signalfan -txstreetman@hotmail.com).

    Anyway, my address is volvo242gt@blarg.net. Enter that into MSN Messenger (or Windows Live Messenger, etc), and I should pop up.

    Yep, I saw that profile in the mug shots album. Muhahahaha.

    I rarely go there, mainly because I hate MSN Groups (no search? WTF?). I have a '60s TSI 8" that I'm trying to restore, but the weather isn't cooperating very well. (too hot to paint)
    Hehehe, yep. Used to visit the Signalfan's Club quite frequently... Was known as Kilted_Econolite_Nut over there.
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