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  • Hi, JC. it's "mellowracer" from eBay. I think you got a pm from qwkswede earlier today ... he's my sensei on this stuff. I think what I could use at this point is an EZK chip that will work better than the TLAO chip in the box I got from you last week. The car is a 1992 740 Turbo wagon with a bigger turbo (20T with Kinugawa housing) and 36# injectors. There's a TLAO chip in the ECU, and I'm making about 20 psi boost. Your eBay message said you might have something in stock that would work. I'm not in a huge hurry since I don't need the car to commute to work or anything, but I'd love to get her all tweaked for some spring/summer trips. Thanks!

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