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  • Hey there,

    Are you the same Kammer as on OVTuners?

    If so I hear that you may have some sway bars for sale.

    Do you? If so how much?

    I live in centralia WA

    Thanks for your time
    No problem. I thought about posting up all of the stuff worth pulling off of it. That tensioner only has about 5000-7000 miles on it. I was there today. I went and grabbed the dash, glovebox, non-cc turnsignal stalk, and 120mph speedo. It's cool and weird to see one of your cars in the yard.
    it is indeed, saw it today and wondered if it was yours. thanks for the belt tensioner, lol
    What's up man. I'm home now so if ya want to grab that speedo shoot me a call. 503-233-0489 later----Harold
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