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  • Sick harness dude, nice twists. I get an error when I try to post in the thread, so, ye.
    Hey boss,

    I actually am interested in your gauge set. I am currently awaiting a refund from another vendor, though it is not looking good. I will stay in touch.

    it's been almost two months and i have not seen and barely heard anyword on my turbo. what is going on here? what is the hold up?
    Im ganna get the trim for you. I cant be greedy with it, just had a baby on wednesday so it will be another week or so before I get out there, I have it hidden well though.
    Interested in megasquirt kit. Have an 83 244 turbo and i'm looking at megasquirt kits. Just wondering what other electronics/sensors i would need for converting from kjet if i bought this setup, already have manifold, fuel rail etc. . Does this include wiring harness? Would i be better off running relay module with it? Thanks, Matt.
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