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  • I just happened across a thread where you posted a picture of a set of early grilles. Do you still have them and if so, are they for sale?

    Hey Paul,

    I recently moved to Colorado from the east coast, and unfortunately decided to sell my 122 back east rather then deal with bringing it 2/3 across the country. Anyway, a friend told me that there was a fellow in Colorado by the name of Paul Malloy that was a Volvo and specifically 122 enthusiast, and I just figured it'd be great to connect with you, as I'm new in the area, and will be searching the backroads for another overgrown yard volvo to fix up. I still have my 245 and my wife has one as well, so we aren't Volvo-less. But anyway, I'd just love to meet anyone in the Volvo community out here. I live in the Springs currently, but go up to Denver regularly as well.

    Thanks for your time!
    Joe McElroy
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