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  • Hey man. Do you still have that yoshifab clutch and flywheel for the t5? If so give me a shout. 8028399863
    Hey I just got an account just because I saw a post from about 9 years ago (https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=167842) and it seemed like you know quite a bit lol. Anyways, I got a 2000 volvo v40 1.9t wagon back in November and I'm looking to upgrade. Problem is, I have no idea where to search or where to start and was wondering if you had any suggestions, thanks.
    Yo, seen you where in Georgia and from your project thread I thought maybe you where Athens area. If so, I used to live north of Athens and know of a flat hood wagon sitting in Royston. Seems like there was a 244 on the same property? Let me know if ya want more info or someone you know in the area does
    Ha sure thing. Maybe wash it off some if you see it? Those Sirus wheels are a bitch to keep clean.
    I apologize,I did not relize that it was going to bother anyone. I just thought it was a good deal,and I do not have the money,thought it would be nice to open another t-brickers eye's to it. It Won't Happen Again. Once again I Apologize
    yeah man, the synapse is gone, after doing further research on my own part.
    i saw the caad9-5 and the six-6 upclose today, really would like to get the caad, but multiple shops told me about a LONg wait. as they have to be built, and i cannot afford to waste my summer.
    im thinking, go with the six6, and i can upgrade the cranks later. what are your thoughts on tiagra components?
    this bike that I've seen, is a tiagra'd out, but my dad has a some campy parts sitting in the garage, as well as some others...like some sram stuff...
    the snaps that i just returned had all 105, and fsa crank
    hey marv,
    just wanna get you're opinion, since you race road, and youre an avid road rider.
    im going to return my snaps today, since rei has a 100% satisfaction policy, and i'm prolly gonna get a cdale six9-6.
    what do you think about those? remember, I'm a guy who rides quite a bit, its gonna be my main mode of transport this summer, as well as my weekend rider with friends to places like mt.diablo, etc..
    is it worth it? im asking you because i have little to no experience with road bikes, just a lot in downhill/freeriding.


    what happened to that thread you started yesterday about the secks? I wanted to read it :( Did they delete it?
    she's cuter than a handful of kittens. but if i ever met her i would probably have to falcon punch her for talking like that.
    profile message fail.

    thanks though, i got the link.

    don't you usually have some relevant political picture in your sig?
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