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  • Mike, now that I have re-found TB it makes me sign in every time I visit even though I clicked the keep me connected box. What's up with that?
    help me here please. I am catbaby new to the site. I am having trouble posting a messages....can you give me the 1,2,3, how to. I am looking for pistons and rings for by B23 block that is really a marine application the engine is AQ125B
    I did get a reply back that was very helpful but cant find the messages
    thanks in advance Catbaby
    If you are looking for any more Bilstein front strut cartridges, I have two more to sell. One is nice, obviously a recent replacement. The second has some rust on the shell, and is leaking some fluid. If you are interested, please include your email address in your reply. I'll send photos to your email.
    Yeah, sure. I'm interested in front struts. Are you talking about just the Bilsteins or the whole assembly? '92 240 wagon.
    Non-Volvo info is not allowed in Performance, Maintenance, Showroom, etc. It is to be posted in Off-Topic. I quoted you saying it's a Chrysler product.
    I allowed you to start your own thread in Off-Topic, where all of the non-Volvo techs will see it.
    Locked the thread?? I was simply searching for info that would not only benefit me, but other fellow motorists who searched for the same info. Just because something is 10+ years old doesn't mean it's not easily found on the web. What really makes me sick is if I had taken your advice and made a new thread, I would then have been accused of not searching. I acknowledged the fact that it was an old topic in my first statement of my first post, but people just can't get over it, or they love an easy target "noob". Where in your forum rules does it say you can't post on an old topic?? Unbelievable people have no sense: this is just a little playground for certain people to play king, not a forum where people can freely enhance the access to useful information. Pathetic.
    Hey Mike, I've always been interested in your AFCO stock car spring thread, I just had a few questions if I may. What did you mean by the car purpoising on rough roads and how did you mount the front springs? I didn't quite understand how you mounted them. Thanks A bunch!
    Some of the front Jeep gears are upside down, some are not. Most are like a 1030. So, no.
    3:73s are in most 240s with automatic, so look in the yards.
    Truetracs are great, but there is the issue of the tone ring.
    Hi Mike
    I'm having trouble with my diff and see you have some experience with them.
    I have a 1998 945T with a 1031 3.73 rear diff. It started making clicking sounds on the curves and turns out the teeth are worn. I wanted to replace it and am having lots of trouble finding one.
    Do you happen to know were I can find a used one?? Should I replace it with truetrac or such?? will a jeep dana 30 fit on the 1031?
    Hope you can help me.
    Mike, i found an article on the internet where you posted information about a 740 rearend upgrade. i am working on a 87 740 v8 conversion and had questions about the rearend upgrades you have done and was wondering if i could call you some afternoon/evening that was convenient for you. thanks! alan
    I will post this in the mods forum. Are you referring to PMs or visitor messages?
    Hey Mike. Not sure who to ask about this, but when I get a message from JoeP, I read it and go about my business. When I come back to my messages his are always gone, or hidden maybe? All other messages are still there, just not JoePs
    Also, according to Alexa.com TB is ranked 69,186 in the US. I was going to start a thread about that, but I figured I should get the OK from a moderator first. Don.t want that kind of info getting out. Also it is worth $54,363
    I would imagine the "proposition" remark could be a joke, and the ban was for cumulative antagonizing. I was away from the computer for that one. John V got a week, lots of long-term issues lead to longer bans.

    I don't mind getting banned for something that I did, but what the Hell did I do to get banned for a week? Or was that just to even things up with John V.? If someone is going to ban me for something, at least let them tell the truth. I have never propositioned anyone. Be fair.
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