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  • Yeah I have some stuff drawn up. I have had to put it off for a year because I was in between moving places and a lot of my Volvo stuff was in storage. I just moved two weekends ago, so I should be able to start back up here. I'll have to find a CNC place to do it, but I was in talks with RSI...so maybe they can do it.
    It is fairly lulz. Been meaning to replace it with the non xmas version, but it kinda grew on me, and I got too lazy to bother. :-P
    i don't, i needed a "hockey stick" that is what they call the chrome piece trim underneath the headlights on a 240.
    Nope, you misread that entirely, the washer mod is something for CFI injectors, not browntops. Not too many people had the same problem as me, but It was more precautionary, but I'm pretty neurotic about engine fires, so.. yeah, the washers really help for CFIs, but if you have browntops you can use the stock bosch injector clip so they don't fall out.
    That thing is a vintage metal pedal car that I am building for my daughter, to use as a stroller at car shows. It is a firetruck body, which I have gutted, and stuck racing go kart wheels under it. they look like big huge slicks on a race car! It'll have casters for the front wheels, and a handle in the back so that I can push her around in it. Also, her car seat will clip into the top, so that she'll be strapped in and safe. I'll post up a build thread in off-topic when I get some work done on it.
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