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  • Hi, thanks for the colder A/C tips, I had a Supra in college with the same belt driven fan and what I assumed was A/C pusher fan in front of the condenser. It wasn’t. Actually, no one ever figured out what is was there for. I found a 92 shoroud with the 2 A/C fans and put that in and wired the push fan on with the A/C pair bit moved it over to the belt driven fan side

    Thanks for any info
    first time i ever seen someone one on here from the dmv....
    Just thought i'd say whats up....
    I seen someone say crazy rays n i knew u had to be from round here somewhere...
    I live out suitland... where u from... what u drive...
    -91 944 turbo
    Thanks very much for that info. So it sounds like the engine only has been driven 17k since the reman.
    Then the engine went from you to Fidel, he let it sit in his garage until the current owner bought it.
    So that would mean that engine hasn't run since about 1991. I'm happy to hear you were able to turn the motor over by hand.

    Much appreciated. I'll let you know what happens.
    Good morning MrBill,
    I'm looking at buying a b20 engine with an F head, that I believe once was yours. The guy who currently has the engine got it from Fidel. He's told me that he got it from you when it was installed into it was in a 75' 242. It had the rebuild sticker on it with the info.

    Do you remember anything about the condition of that engine? My understanding is that it hasn't been run since Fidel removed it from the 242.

    I've got a 72 1800e that has a cracked piston, and I'm looking to swap in a replacement engine while I tear down the engine currently in my car. I've never torn an engine down, so I'm planning to go slow. This engine would be for me to drive for the next year, while I'm rebuilding.

    Anything you can tell me about it would be appreciated. Right now the engine is 800 miles away from me, so I want to make sure (or as sure as I can be) that I'm bringing back a solid engine.

    Grand Rapids, MI
    91 945 SE
    72 1800e
    Mr. Bill,

    How do I get a msg to all the group of inarguably Maryland rollers? Window breaker says post a thread. Is there a MD/DC forum to post in or just on the big board?
    Rookie questions are beter tha rookie mistakes.
    Hi: I got your contact from Jim Morris (VCOA Maryland Chapter).

    My name is Randy Majewski. I belong to the Volvo Club of America (VCOA) Great Lakes chapter up in Michigan.

    One of my kids just moved to Washington, DC with our 1991 Volvo 240.

    I’m trying to locate an independent club member that can perform service on this vehicle or a recommendation of an independent service garage (no dealers).

    The car is in good shape, but may need some TLC in the future.

    My kid will be living in the Petworth area (NorthWest section), just north of the VA Medical Center and the Washington Hospital Center which is at
    North Capital St. NW and Irving St. NW. Sort of near Catholic University of America.

    If anyone can provide any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it....Thank-You...


    Randy Majewski (Ma-jes-kee)
    Lake Orion, Michigan
    E-mail: rkeithma@netscape.net
    Oh cool. I just bought a place in great mills, off of chancellors run. No garage though, which is a major bummer.

    I'm currently working for NAVAIR, doing contacts.
    Haha, hey man! I'm pretty good....Psyched that was you! I have been trying to find other volvo nerds down here for awhile!

    Just picked up a 1996 855R, so I'm pretty excited. What have you been up to? Where are you located, btw? I actually live about 5 min from the base.
    Hey man, are you the dude who was in the PAX River hobby shop? I talked to you for about 20 min...I had the 1998 V70, was replacing the upper spring seat. This was probably a good half a year or a year ago. You were in there with a couple other dudes working on a 240...
    sigh. too much work to get it from towery. would rather just have that holset shipped out asap and pay you back with an arm and a leg.
    Thanks for letting me know about the web site. As you know, I did not end up needing to post the pictures but I really appreciate your willingness to help.
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