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  • Not even close, in fact I just put a bunch of the IRS parts under my workbench knowing I won't be touching them for a while....

    I'll have to go check out your thread!
    what ever happened to that flat flywheel you converted to lh2.4? wondering if youd like to off it? :)

    the bilstein finally came in? I did not think that it would take that long. The shipping was kind of a lot for a little shock like that I thought. Anyway, I hope you are happy with the shock
    hey well i think im going to machine it and hope i dont fail lol if so i gotta go out and buy a legit one probbly be a problem to find the rite one thanks for your help
    hey bro your from antioch and your in to cars i was wondering if you knew justin burtrubber?
    oh. that sucks turned out to be a C klasse. :-(
    there are some nice versions of those (c 43 amg :D )
    (lets keep our converso here since my pm box is practically full)
    Yep, I got a few. I am still in the middle of a botched 22RE EFI swap into a '79 Toyota Truck... My garage burnt to the ground, along with all of my parts. So that project is, once again, on hold.

    But I'll definitly buy volvo parts...
    cool, I'll give you a call sometime within the next couple days. why didn't you rebuild it? was it just that much cheaper to get another?
    Hey man, How are you? I am serious about that white block. I'll come pick it up... any time, i live about three hours from antioch.
    I used adapters which are 25mm thick. For the fronts, if you have the correct offset rims, there are a few people that have re-drilled the front hubs for the Ford bolt pattern, for the rears, adapters, new axles or an entire rear end swap for something such as a Ford 9" or 8.8"
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