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  • Very nice!! Has the m46 generally held up well with your turbos? If you don't mind me asking.. how much was the thing?
    It stopped making the noise while tim was observing it!! It only does it when I dont want people to hear it! were you able to pull the trans out of the 244 in Wilmington?
    I noticed your occupation...very cool! My wife is a stevadore which is a lot of work too! It involves loading and unloading kids, and cooking large quantities of food.;-)
    Did you find a shop? The best one is European auto. They are a volvo only shop and are absolutely incredible.

    8 Colton Rd
    East Lyme, CT 06333
    (860) 739-4894
    Because I collect orphans and I like 80 GT's the last year they where made.... Everything I own is the last year of production....
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