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  • Hey Nathan
    Ive read one of your comments and I have a question.
    Zx300 inserts fits 940? If they do what year and model? Thanks
    Hi there!

    Been reading a few of your posts with regards to hydraulic clutch configuration and was wondering if you might have a little insight into the problem I'm having.

    I've mated a '89 T-5 to an old '74 350, and opted to install a master/slave combo with the specs for an '89 Firebird (which is what the tranny came out of). Two things I neglected to consider; pedal draw, and pressure plate thickness.

    Master cylinder: Wilwood 260-2636 - Bore: 5/8 in., Stroke: 1.400 in, Volume: 0.43 cu in

    Slave cylinder is OE: CENTRIC 13962011 C-TEK Standard Clutch Slave Cylinder 1" bore

    Flywheel: a 153 tooth pressure plate that measures in at 0.72 in thicknes.

    Clutch: Summit Racing SUM-700812, 1-1/8 in. Shaft, 26-Spline, 10-3/8 in. Diameter Disc.

    It's clear i'm not pushing enough fluid through the slave. The question is, do I increase the size of the master? or decrease the size of the slave?
    I am really interested ina 8v header.. Please contact me, via pcochran65@Yahoo.com or my house number 812.392.5036 thanks and hope to hear from ya...
    Hi I have been told that you are the man to speak to about intake manifolds for the b230ft, do you still make them? And would it be able to be shipped to Australia?
    I have an 84 240 with a b230ft swapped in. Message me your PayPal info and I will send you the money. If there is more info you need let me know. How long would it take for you to finish the rail up? I am planning on having the work started in July (mid-end of) so I do have a little time. Thanks Nathan!

    Am looking for a fuel rail for my b230ft with a spot for an aftermarket fpr and was pointed in your direction. Do you still make such a beast?

    I have found it best to weld on a plate to mount the 960tb. Its easier to get the linkage to work and overall placement of the tb.
    So I have one of your 8V manifolds. And its awsome as you know. I also have a 94 850 turbo that I need an intake manifold made for. I've heard good reviews from member looks for joe(mr. Holland) anyway if you are able to make manifolds at this time let me know.
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