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  • Hey man. Quick question, I hope. I recently bought a '92 240 sedan to replace my wrecked '86. I seem to be having the same wet PS floor I was having on my
    '86 caused by the a/c line coming through the firewall and into the evaporator and sweating enough to pool water on the carpet. The piping is covered by a foam cover, but is dripping through. Any suggestions on this issue before I go onto the Brickboard for advice? I recall you do a/c refits to the newer setup, so hopefully you're my go to guy. You can email me at xraybob240@comcast.net.
    Thanks, Bob.
    Just want to thank Nelson for bringing a pair of old school headlight doors down with him during his recent vacation from NY to FL. They made a perfect birthday gift for my son-in-law.
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