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  • I have no idea, really.... the past couple of times I posted it on CL I got no interest at all. Then again I also posted them up as being JBL when you could see in the picture that they're JL Audio... Haha
    Depends what you want from it. Dobb's are nice bikes. I've seen many of them and ridden a few. I actualy have a Nicolai BMXTB Hardtail. May sell it too.
    hey you're a rower? i used to row in college... i tried to stay into it when i moved to cali, i did a summer kids coaching thing with the oakland strokes but i couldn't do the time commitment with work. who do you row with?
    Hey, Can you give me the contact info for those bbs rs's? Are they at a JY? Thanks
    Yeah man, I'm in the bay. Sucks that they closed pickyourpart in Hayward.
    Ya it was a pretty good deal but I find good deals all the time I just don't need another car
    Lol it needs so much work but it's all there. got it 4 350 bucks. I'll take some pics tomorow
    Brother in law?
    He doesn't really have anything on his on-line inventory, most of it is special order.
    I just missed the opportunity to show what was in my driveway... It was about twice the size of my 142, could run it over, and had as much steel in the roo bar as my entire 142 had in it's entire body (That's saying something!)
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