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  • Hey so Cole Armstrong said he used to hang out with you back in the day. I play guitar with that guy everyone in a while, and he's a regular in the music shop I work in. Funny how people get connected in the Napa /Sonoma Co area.
    Hey mate have you got any large res photos of ur matte black 242?? I think it looks fair sik and would like to plot it it off and post i up on my office wall!
    no joke, just seen your post in the davis thread.... and i never in my life thought i would see such a clean engine go in your car, customers car sure, all day... but never yours.... hold on i need to go look outside.... is hell freezing?

    i will hopefully join you there next year, eh?
    if you're gonna use one post over and over, it might as well be a good-natured one. i salute you sir.
    I just want you to know I fullfilled your wishes...please view thread! Call off the dogs in there too while your at it! So gross...Hope you are well!
    im in your profile, looking at your posts
    Sounds fun to me.

    Oh, and you mentioned the D being smaller. It is smaller in lift but longer in duration. I think it would work well in a high-compression turbo application.
    The H should be fun. If you want to be the guinea pig on the cam I can bring it up your way. It would be interesting to see a before and after dyno session too.
    Was it the H or the D? I thought you wanted an H?

    I haven't got the H in my hands yet, it's supposedly in route packed in another larger box going to my family in Louisiana. Once that's in their grasp they will forward it to me.
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