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  • Yep, sort of like turning the titanic. Lot of good folks on here, and I really try to seek middle ground but there is not much in TBOT.
    I can understand your strains, but don't drop a bomb. Some of us HT HS teams understand. Keep calm. You can't change sh*t. I can't either. I have 0 empathy. Welcome to my world.
    Combat situations have this weird dreamlike feel. Someone wants you to die, but not really you, just the idea of you being there at this moment, you being there having this meaning as a person and being in this role dictated by this uniform. It's like watching a movie. A movie you can actually die in.

    I was not in a war. I was shot by a friend. I was stabbed by a drunk. I was disarmed by a smile. I should have died in a war.

    Thanks for the answers.
    Do you sometimes have dreams at night, bad dreams, where you are still in a submarine, and the officer asks to fire the salamis, but the second has to remind him you're in a vegetarian sub ?!

    It kept me awake last night.
    The Bridgeport is loose on the verniers but the motor and the rest are fine. We just need the actuation parts fixed or rebuilt so dimensions are not so sloppy. I work at a company called Qualtek Manufacturing in Colorado Springs as a Manufacturing Engineer and am in charge of our Maintenance Team. We have heat treat ovens and a pit, lots of stamping presses, tumblers and lines for metal finishing with anodizing, passivation and electroplating. I have some PLC stuff with Direct Logic but am not a power user.
    Hmmm...how knackered is the bport? I'll put out the feelers, but I haven't needed a machine rebuilt in a long time.
    Currently I am on workman's comp, but variously I have built pretty much any sort of machine.
    Where do you work?
    What fun machines you got?
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