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  • How long ago did you live in Germany?

    I have a bit of experience in this matter. I lived in Pennsylvania for a couple years long ago, but even after I moved away, kept going there frequently to visit my grandmother.

    I hadn't been back since 2003 or so, when she was transferred to a nursing home close to us in NH (this was before my parents divorced - I came to Alabama in 2007).

    I loved the place, it was always happy times there and just being there made me feel genuinely better inside.

    The point of all this blabbering on is that I made a 'triumphant' return to PA back in October/November - I found it was no longer the same happy place I left behind as late as 2003.

    YMMV, but that's my experience on a similar matter. I have decided to find a place I've never been and start anew. The search hasn't quite begun yet but it will begin in a big way over the next year.
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