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philski o'flood
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  • Phil I would like to buy the bolt hardware for the 140 tow hitch. Let me know.
    Hello Phil,
    Im looking for a alternator for my 83 242 Turbo. Besides the original 55 amp, do you have any that will be a direct fit with more amps. Its been a while I tinker with these and Im getting old so I dont want much modifications. I was thinking a Nipondenso off a 940. Will those fit directly and do you have any?

    Hi I’m looking to see if these parts are still for sale and if you could quote me shipping on whatever is available. I will have you ship it to 90732 zip code
    Chipable LH 2.4 EZK Ignition Turbo ECU, Turbo, 0 227 400 207

    Chipable LH 2.4 Fuel Turbo ECU, 954
    LH 2.4 Turbo fuel ECU with electric fan control. Chipable; the one you need for TLAO chips.

    700/900 Arm rest with cupholders, Black/B]
    Excellent condition, all cup holder pieces are there, one tiny crack on the front.
    $60 + shipping

    700/900 Lighted Window Switches
    Drop in replacements for 740's, 940s, 960s and 85+ 240s. So super fresh! Set of 7, all tested and working perfect!
    $35 + shipping

    240 E-Brake Cover Black
    Great condition, older style with no heater switches. I have some Turbo style ones with power mirror switch cut outs and some with out. Also have a dark blue one in this style.
    $45 + s
    Hello - I posed a WTB for a dash earlier and another member pointed me at you - would you happen to have anything? thanks and kind regards, bob
    My WTB post = Hello and thanks for reading this post, looking for a crack free dash for my 84 242, ideally brown, its a beige car code 201. Realize this is a long shot, NOS would be great and willing to pay up for it. The car is mint and deserves a nice dash. Mine has just started to crack and I would rather not use the dash cap repair solution.
    Thank you and kind regards, bob
    I've got a 1993 940 turbo, you wouldn't happen to have a chippable EZK ignition box would you?

    Thank you,
    It sounds like you're probably the guy to contact about finding a 1991 740 radio, along with the large radio connector and all 6 speakers.
    I'm trying to go back to a stock radio so I can experience the retro luxury of the in-dash graphic EQ that's been nonfunctional since I bought the car.

    I bought one from someone locally but the connector for the EQ is rt-angle and blocks me from plugging in the amp connector. In addition, the previous owner had the stock radio connector cut off when the aftermarket radio was installed without an adapter harness.
    Hey, could you help me find headlight assemblies for 1980 242? This is the single light. I have the surrounds and grille, the headlights went missing, and I can't find any here in the Midwest
    Phil, found one of your posts last night that I can't find this morning...so, I'm looking for a 240, 52mm volt meter and 52mm clock, with bezels, feet and harnesses, if you have. Actually I'm looking for them even if you don't have :)
    Hi Phil,
    I just got a 97 960 Wagon , any chance you have Crossbars for the roof rack ?
    Dave Laidlaw
    e mail mudgkin1@telus.net
    Hey Phil O'F = wondering if you still have for sale "A"Cam? --Im here in New Haven CT -- thanks JamesJ201 jamesjjtype@gmail.com
    Looking for an engine wiring harness for a 86 740 4 banger n/a. A little bird told me you had one.
    Got any 740 parts that may be interesting? aftermarket or rare? lip or body kits, spoilers, foglamps, rare? PM me.
    Hi Philski,Redwood Chair suggested me to ask you when it comes to Volvo parts. I am looking for a US front for my '89 740 GLT. As of now i have the standard Euro front and i am willing to trade it for a US front.
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