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  • Eric, one of my Chilean friends wants to buy three M41 with J type overdrive in good working condition. What do you have? They would need to go marine freight to Chile. You would need to ship to me for crating, or crate them at your facility and make the arrangements for international shipping.

    I posted earlier looking for a shifter lockout plate for M47 and was referred to you for a new one. Do you have this available? Thank you
    Eric, do you know of a source for B200 rings, and possibly pistons in the USA? If not, who would you order from in Europe? The car is a 1985-87 240 in Chile. I ship a lot of parts there.
    Hello Eric
    Can you tell me if the steering wheel shaft and spline on a 72 1800ES would be the same as on a 1974 144 ? There is a Momo wheel with adapter for sale near me.
    Larry on Vancouver Island BC
    I am interested in buying some intermediate shaft bearings. I understand you have some that dont require machining? I am geting ready to rebuild an engine and could use them!
    I can be reached direct at 210-410-4867 or through email fastguns45@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time.
    Hi, I saw on another forum (www.matthewsvolvosite.com) and you said you had 4 of the 240 center caps (part number 283092). Just checking to see if you still have them or if they guy that was looking for them bought them.

    Please let me know,


    Hey Eric,

    I'm tracking down a couple spacers for Volvo 240 Bilstein front shocks. Do you know where I can find some?

    Many Thanks,
    Hi Eric

    Sorry for delay. My backup wheels quit and I had to spend a week getting a new vehicle and donating the old.

    The seal I have does not have the metal case. I think the pic shows the end of the seal that goes toward the front of the car? IAC, I'd be interested if you have the metal one. I was wondering how well the seal I have would survive the installation tool hitting the "spring side". Just getting back to the tranny work now.

    hello Eric,
    I emailed you about B20 stroker cranks but didn't hear back ...are they still on offer?
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