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  • Pozzz.
    Daj neki Nikolin kontak tel ako jos prodaje devetku. Imam nekog druga koj trazi dobru ciglu pa da ih povezem ako hoce. Izgubio sam njegov br a na mail ne odgovara.
    I think I can live with 140 bhp.
    I have had enough of 20+ mpg with the 940.
    It still is fast enough and can really make a wonderful noise when you floor it!
    I must admit the V70 S2 is a much more relaxed machine and takes to being driven smoothly and shows it on the MPG.
    Maybe Volvo weren't such idiots after all?

    Is your engine a B5244S or like mine a B5244S2.
    As the B5244S2 has 140BHP and the B5244S has 170BHP.
    I believe I can get this altered as it is just a software update on the ECU.

    Yes LPG sound a great idea.
    But the cost of fitting such a system to this car would cost more than twice the original cost of the car!
    I am enjoying the lower fuel consumption compared to my 940.
    I am averaging 31mpg and 41mpg on a long run so i do not see that as too bad.

    I removed my crappy headlights yesterday and recovered the lenses in chrome wrap material the difference is unbelievable.
    I am a director of a signmaking and graphics company so have access to these materials.
    Job took 2 hours all in and they look like new.

    The coils are good it's just the plastic shielding sleeves that is crumbling.
    I'm gonna do some measuring and replace them next week.

    That is exactly what I was thinking about the flywheel.
    It may take a year or so to save up and acquire the parts.
    To be truthful I am such a fussy person I have to have cars running perfect or it drives me nuts.
    As for the oil consumption it cannot be worse than my Turbo 940s as that always seemed to be needing oil. I reckon the valve stems and turbo seals were knackered. The service history says it was changed in August and it still looks clean.
    I removed the cover of the coil packs on the rocker cover yesterday and found all the protective shielding to be crumbling.
    I am just trying to source some replacement shielding of the right thickness.
    What were Volvo thinking if the wiring was on the outside it would be kept cool?!

    With regarding my New V70.

    It has had in the last year new throttle plate and the PCV cleaned/replaced.
    When unscrewing the oil cap and leaving it sitting on the top it does not move so it must be OK.

    The transmission and clutch is nice and smooth with no jerks or judders.
    How long can I run with the flywheel squeak (believe me you can hardly hear it)?
    I have heard of people with the same issues still running 50,000 miles later.
    I have heard it only becomes a serious issue if it starts clunking and banging.
    Is this correct?

    Shoot, I really want this thing, in the morning I am going to research moneygram and see what there policies are, is there anyone else in line behind me looking to buy it!?


    Sorry i'm posting here I ran out of space in my inbox!
    In plans, when it get's warm, super fresh black painted bumpers like on pic above, fresh carpet, aluminum splash pan (home made lol) etc...
    oh yeah fixing the blower motor...ouch
    Well B230 in great condition is in, with V cam or D depending of how I feel :-) also New 240 turbo rear muffler with full 60mm exhaust...with carb it makes some nice noise...
    Yeah, some guys told me that too, but they work without sanding the connections...but as advised I did send mine a little, just for a better contact.
    Ya they are sharp looking, like on your car and on Decklan Megee's silver wagon, I just might have to buy them instead of spending $222 dollars per tail light from Volvo! Redwood chair said I'd have to sand down the connections though!?
    The tail lights are very good, I must say I'm very satisfied, the edges are nice and round, reflectors too, they are very shinny, overall they fit the body quite well.:nod:
    And difference in look of the back end is much better, makes the back more modern and with late tailgate i think it's a win:-D

    Go for it!:oogle:
    heyy man how are you, your car looks good with the red andd clear tail lights! Since you know my car was hit into I'm thinking about replacing the tail lights with the same ebay ones! So before I bought them, do you like them and all or are they total knock offs, I really like the clean look they have but am scared to waste money on them!

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