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  • Couldn't help but notice your name is propav8r. I'm looking to get my PPL. Any thoughts?
    Not sure if I'm catching you in time but you can ignore my PM, basically I was worried about some threading and fittings/lines leaking. Thanks Again
    Just stumbled upon a thread where you posted a Pilot bearing suggestion for the T5 transmission in our cars. Seriously Awesome ! and thank you for sharing that information.
    Just today realized your pic was a plane and not a fancy sideview mirror. Good day sir.
    Hey how are you, I didn't get the last message b/c my in box was full, email me @ jdegrace@nyit.edu

    How much for the clear corner lights for the 940 to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia? Thanks for your time.
    So, you enjoy photography, aviation and aviation photography?

    Why are we not friends?
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