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  • Lol, me too. Every time I go down there to visit, I never seem to have time to hit that yard. Hopefully, we'll be heading down for a full week soon and I'll be sure to stop in there. Right now, I'm in first year Bachelors of Cognitive Science. It's about 17 hours a week in-class, plus 2-3 hours a week per each of 5 classes. Not so bad for first year. We'll see how I feel about that by year 4. :lol:
    Haha, thanks. I'd like to deny getting that a lot, but I can't around here. :lol: The wedding is Saturday, to a guy named Jason...Amerbritcan on here. I met him on here, actually! And you'd be surprised about the heat! I'm from SE PA, and moved up here to be with Jason. Never did I think I'd be complaining about the heat, but Eastern Ontario is horrendously humid. We see humidexes over 100F many times through the summer.
    Mine is equipped with a/c, but I did a bypass by shimming the p/s pump forward and running a belt straight from the p/s to the crank pulley. I do have an a/c delete bracket, so this is as good a time as any to take that heavy compressor out!
    Yeah, I've got tons of access to parts here, so there's absolutely a pressure line that can be had for free. I have a brand new pump from FCP, but prior to that, I pulled the pump off of a 244 parts car we have kicking around. Never pull the pressure line, but it's still there.

    The 924S is a wedding present from my dad. '86, I believe. Black on black, manual, super-dark windows....good for getting pulled over in a ton. :lol:
    Thanks! Hopefully, my rack will be ok. I have a new pump and it's definitely the pressure line. PS fluid spraying all over the engine bay. Just wish I had the downtime to park the car and work on it! I have a Porsche 924S that will be arriving next weekend, so I'll be able to deal with the Volvo and still have transportation once that happens.
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