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  • I have checked the relay on the driver side and proved it to be good. With an ohm meter hooked to the disconnected frequency valve connector located near the fuel distributor I get a constant reading of 13.2 volts, which is not indicative of any sort of fluctuating voltage which would indicate some sort of varying control. Un-plugging the Lambda causes the engine to run differently but not better. Also there is no noise or vibration at all from the frequency valve to indicate any activity. This is what leads me to think the Lambda ECU is defective. Am I close?
    I have several of those as well as the lambda ECU.

    That is the small computer that controls the idling speed.

    How have you verified that it doesn't work? If the frequency valve doesn't buzz, a faulty connection, ground or lambda relay (driver side inner fender) is much more common.

    Idle ECU sometimes the car won't idle or hardly run when that small box goes bad.
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