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  • Hey Tony,

    Marc sent me a message saying that you are looking to move to SPM. Are you interested in my car as a project. I have it listed right now with the front end damage for $7500. It would be a great starting point for you. See the listing with all the parts. We could fiddle with the price if I can keep some of the stuff for another race car project I'm working on.(PRO3)

    Let me know.

    Hey I'm Andrew. Roy said you might have a 90 and up turbo manifold that could fit my 85 740 turbo i just bought. If so can you let me know. abauer84@gmail.com ......Andrew.
    TonLoco, hey man you wouldn't just happen to have a spare m46 lying around would ya? I just picked up an 82 244TI, overdrive is shot, tried the simple rebuild crap but it's DEAD... (this is benny mollerstuen)
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