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  • Sissy boy you were supposed tondrink more! Whats the point to warmonger up for st patties if you just gomto bed early?
    Hey, I ordered a black $25 pipe that says cody down the neck and has a biohazrard on the bowl through caffinated_maddness and i figured you would need my address sooner or later so here it is: W5840 Manitowoc road
    Appleton, WI 54915
    Cool! send me some more info on your products or a web site or whatever. My email is harry5170@sbcglobal.net
    Thanks, Harry
    wasnt me, if you see a black mazdaspeed 3.. that is, my 242 is in my garage gettin lotsa reworking.. i knew that had to be you, that car is one of a kind and stands out!! since your a local i suppose i should offfer you my work, i make custom glass work, and now vinyl stickers.. we are suppliers to all the good rosa shops;)
    I work at the Geysers and go thru Cobb Mt 14 times a month. I saw a dark 242 the other day that flashed me a peace sign. Was that you? Maybe we can get together some time.

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