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  • Hi. Some time ago you talked about adjusting the AW governor to lower your shift points (rpm). I have considered doing the same thing.
    Were you able to remove/add springs/weight to adjust your shift points to where you wanted?
    the R154 trans is junk honestly and I doubt you will find a clutch that will work very well with it.. I suggest you go with the lighest weight clutch disk you can find because the syncronisers are very weak in the r154.. other than that the clutch I was running was just a spec super twin
    Hello again, how is the 2JZ 240? breaking records? what was the clutch part number for the twin disc that worked well with R154?
    So u had good luck with Spec? With my old 11 sec Z28 I had bad luck with Spec. That was also back in 04 so I assume they gotten better with time. What clutch model was it? Reason I ask if I dump 2k plus I dont want a clutch that wont last longer then 10k miles.
    Hello, i got a question. When you were running a 2JZ/R154 in your 240 what clutch were you running? My 2JZ in my Cressida should push close to 600rwhp, and need a clutch to handle D/D, strip use.
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