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  • I forget the company name; ATP I believe. Italian wheel company.
    Thankfully I found a replacement centercap for them on EBAY one day. Haven't seen one since.
    what are those super 90s status 5spokes on the white 244? they're...amazing.
    NA car is K&N springs (From FCP Groton) and KYB Gas-Adjust shocks, the Turbo is on R-sport Springs and re-valved Bilstien HD's.
    Hey, I really like the stance of both your 244's. I was currious what you've done suspention wise to get them there. I'm pretty new to the site and cant seem to find anyones specifics on suspention! haha. thanks for the help.
    hah i know. but you're a boy with a volvo....you fit the qualifications hahahaha
    I see that you made albums for your profile, just wondering how do you create an album on the forum, i cant figure it out
    No I meant of that sweet 244 that the Aussie guy built - I was wondering if you had seen any build photos.

    Do you have any 16" wheel sitting around that you are looking to sell? I could also use some black front seats :D

    Very cool - does he have any more pics? - at some point I would like to repaint it and repair the damage on the passenger side and driver side wheel arch. Right now it is a daily driver, thus the B230F - I'll likely eventually drop in a turbo motor. I'm going to build the B20 out of it, carb it up, and throw it in hopefully a 122 if I can ever get my hands on a good one.

    I've got it running and driving now, just need to tune it up a bit as I've got some valve chatter and such.
    70s game show hosted by gene rayburn. theres a panel of 6 celebrities and you are given a phrase with a word omitted. you have to guess the word and match it to the celebrities guesses.
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