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  • Well, I'm out of Volvos at the time. See myself getting another one someday without a doubt, but I'm outa the loop temporarily.
    Hello, I just got a 1980 240 GT. Good body, no rust, B21F with 244,000 mikes on her. Only problem is burnt wiring, I think I got it whooped with green book wiring, needs tuneup, has sunroof, new tires, interior kind of shabby but fixable. Living in Liberty, just SW of Greensboro. Would like to be a member of a NC group.
    Thanks. 240GT
    Yeah man, sign up for the forum. I'm kind of a slackass when it comes to working on cars and I'm probably actually going to make a Volvo to Honda switch for a short while. I'll be hanging out here still fo-sho, but I'd say RvolvoR, hockey930 and ikyikthe1st are some heavy hitters in our area.
    I was looking through the groups on here and ran across you guys. I live here in Charlotte and would love to be a member. I've tried to get some meets together on my own here in the Charlotte area, maybe we can put our minds together on that.
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