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  • I have done all the stuff you are talking about with my bertone and my friends help frank yee. We realy know whats up.I ran 13.1 with a t3t4 and a fmu and my fav e-85
    you have a 15g? 16g isnt a volvo thing thats a evo thing. do you mean 16t? what are you talking about? youself? me? or somone else? i run a holset hy35.
    Of course not im just a 15g/3inch/chips/ipd cam/ and still in the high 14's.And ping at 18psi.
    Its all in fun here lol.90+ motors run $120 with head so im good for awhile if anything happens.Takes alot more then 30psi to get a 90 motor to kick the bucket.
    nah man Its just my daily, I was talking to my brother I dont need a .50 trim on it right now. 15g will do what I want.

    but were building a motor that will blow anything you build out of the water. and I bet you blow your motor again.
    a 242 never came with 2.4 and lol show me somone who laid down 450 hp with 2.4... ms is the way to go. its fully programable 8v or 16v has NOTHING to do with ms... an i just got the car running a few months ago. im only running 10-15 psi depending upon my tune. i have multiple tunes.
    I don't see the point for ms on a 8v.Just seems as a waste of money.

    Thats just meh though id go thru the hassle of msns if i was building a 16v motor.

    People have laid down 400whp to 450hp on lh2.4 so im good for some time.
    lol you know nothing about my car obviously. no im not running 30psi..... obviously you never read my build thread. the car has a 94 b230f+t so its high compression.
    didnt know 274 whp was slow there buddy. lol no i never draged it yet. so i havent broken into anything. also its bearly even tuned. im willing to bet money you will never get as far as i have with any car. i wana see you try and MS somthing LMAO.
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