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  • Hey mate, just wondering if you got those photos for the headliner removal you posted a while back. would be super helpful to see what's going on as well as reading. thanks
    Hey mate, can we talk about the 700 series sunroof removal? The photos aren’t available and I’d like to ask some questions. Thanks
    Hey can I get more info about your suspension setup on your IRS wagon? I have a 1990 760 turbo sedan with IRS and I’m trying to figure out which springs to use.
    Ehhh....G80 locker met nieuwe koppelingsplaten? Vertel Sander, wat is dat.
    Ik ben die 3.32 as trouwens al uit mijn hoofd aan het zetten want het is er gewoon niet (meer). Dus vertel, ik ben benieuwd.

    Groet, Frans (die het projekt van Sander zeer bijzonder vindt).
    de oude achteras van jouw Volvo, wat voor verhouding heeftie?
    Ben al maanden aan het zoeken naar 3.31 maar die zijn vast en zeker schaars. Dus als het 3.31 is wil ik graag weten wat jij er voor wil hebben, als je hem wegdoet tenminste.

    Groet, Frans.
    I was wondering if you know of anyplace I could buy a M90 trans that hopefully can ship to the states?
    Much appreciate any help.
    Cee, Rick
    Hey there. This is SlowJoe. I have the Robot devil as my avatar and back cancer. Well you wanted to say "Good News Everyone" so now you get to. I don't know about the cancer yet, but the tumour surgery was successful. I'll let you announce it, but If yoou take to long I'll do it

    Haha, I'm working on my 8v wagon! Short on funds, but big plans ;-) I'm really curious as to how much you're gonna put down when you do put the car on the dyno. Have you raced it at all?
    Hey! Make sure you post your dyno numbers! I wonder if you would be the youngest 300+ member...
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