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  • Hey sbabbs, I posted that Im looking for a redblock M90 trans, and holtzboy said you just sold one and might have another? Let me know! Im also located in Portland so I would be able to pickup if you have one. Thanks
    Hey sbabbs. I’m wondering if you have any 541 2.2 ECU’s with a chippable fuel socket already installed or separate. I’ve tried your fuel chip with two different 591 ecu’s on my 89 745T and the computers don’t seem to
    like my car (not getting fuel on cranking). Thanks in advance. - Jordan.
    Hello, I see an another member has a EZK117 012 ICU box for sale , with a 16v chip installed. he mentioned you may have other chips available...

    I'm looking to chip it for a mild upgrade B21FT setup (LH 2.2, EZK117, 2.5" exhaust, IPD Turbo cam). Do you have a chip for this application? If so, is this a plug'n play item?

    Just joined this forum. I see that the posts are from quite some time ago except for some that I saw you posted earlier this year.
    I have 2 Volvo 940s non-turbo that I would like to fit with turbo systems and chip in order to make bigger power.
    Can you please guide me to where I need to be for more info to prepare my setup and buy the chips?

    My ride is Volvo 940gl, sedan, 1996, b200ft, automatic.
    All stock, mint condition, with a TurboSmart Manual Boost Controller fitted, set to 14psi.

    I'm looking to buy a pair of suitable fuel and ignition chips, to take full advantage of the current setup.

    Can you please hook me up? Or, if not, point me to where should I look further?

    Please PM me or email directly at m.sigor@gmail.com.
    Thanks in advance!!
    Hi sbabbs. Do you have experience with performance cams in a NA B230F with LH2.4? Does the stock system cope with that, or will it need chipping? A friend of mine is having some trouble getting his engine to run okay below 2000 rpm after fitting a H-cam. This is the stock cam for '79-'80 B23E, so still relatively mild (270 degree, 12mm lift). Thanks in advance. Berrie
    Hi, do you still provide chips for lh 2.2? My friend and I are both interested in purchasing chips from you if you do.
    Hi! I am new here on turbo brick in need of a tune bad for my 88 740 turbo I got in touch with thelostartof and he pointed me in your direction for oh 2.2 tuning.? Can you help me!?
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