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  • We'll the lh2.2 turbo chip I have was made by my tuner. I could make a custom chip but it would need testing and you'd need a chippable lh2.2 ECU. If I was you I'd go with the 50lb injectors and 3 inch amm to start with and try that as they match up good for more power. The browntops are only 42lb per hour I think. The only factory cars with 46lb or 52lb injectors are the 80's ford v8's with the CFI injectors. Two injectors are in each car so it's kind of hard to find four that are the same.
    Yeah 50lb injectors will be probably all I will need cause I am not looking to run e85 right now. What are the 850 turbo's injector size? Are there any factory cars I could pull some injectors from that would be adequate. I have heard about the browntops but don't know how far they will take me. I already have the 3" amm. Could you make me a chip for that set up? Or what do you think my best option is?
    Still wondering on adding some fuel for my 7. I don't know what injectors I will run yet, what do you recommend for a he341 holset?
    I heard lh 2.4 doesnt like that big of a injector, is that the same for 2.2? Preferably I would like to run 1000 cc or so. I have the larger maf also. I know it was this way with my previous car with maf, you could just open up the top of it and turn the screw to richen it. Not sure if its the same with these or not or how far that will get me. I might need something to help with timing also. Shooting for 400 wheel.
    hey sbabbs, wondering if you had any fuel management options for my lh 2.2 running a he341 holset and supporting injectors and or whatever else, possibly two tunes one with e85 one with gas. Let me know, Thanks!

    Wait so you sell upgraded subframes?

    How much we lookin' at? No hope of finding your thread with the search gone, sorry to bother...
    Hi Simon, I was referred to you by Hog Hauler about getting LH 2.2 chips.
    Do you have these easily available and how much do they cost? I would need the kit as I have a 541 ecu.
    Thanks Rob.
    Hello I was referred to you by mike (tlao) about your ecu chips he said he didn't have much for 2.2 only 2.4. I have the 591 computer and it does have the chip socket. I was wondering how much and if you were interested in any trading I have a post up with misc. parts for sale and I do have many other parts so send me a pm when you get a chance
    Thanks Steve
    he man im really diggin that 530 turbo head but im kinda new to the whole moddin your brick type deal hahaha but today i just bought i 1980 740GL was wondering if that head would work with my car? oh and if you could please call me back im not too good with checking this thing everyday haha i'll PM you that
    I would definatly buy that motor simon could you hold on too it until about a week so i could get work off and come pick it up? any my number is 206 799 6097 just in case you would rather talk about this deal on the phone and my name is stefan call anytime. thanks
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